News Guest Answers Questions About Edward Snowden With Remarks About Edward Scissorhands


In 2015, Jon Hendren, during a live broadcast of HLN’s The Daily Share, is asked for his expert opinion on the ongoing Edward Snowden debate as well as Snowden’s recent emergence on Twitter. However, in a turn of events, Hendren begins to answer the presenter’s questions while referring each time not to Edward Snowden, but to Edward Scissorhands. Strangely, the presenter doesn’t notice.

In a moment of sheer levity, Hendren, frivolous by nature and himself known as a Twitter humorist, repeatedly refers back to Tim Burton’s beloved movie, and yet the live segment continues. At one point the presenter asks him a serious question. His reply: “I think to cast him out, to make him invalid in society, simply because he has scissors for hands, I mean that’s strange.”