Female News Reporter Chases Nuisance Who Keeps Interrupting Her Broadcast

In the following footage, a female news reporter chases after a bystander who repeatedly interrupts her broadcast — not once, not twice, but thrice — while she is reporting on violent crime in a downtown area. What begins as annoyance on the part of the man quickly becomes a fit of rage and, ultimately, an off-screen pursuit on foot. 

The unknown man, who initially walks in the shot and then, having been told that she is on a deadline, decides to dance his way back in while doing the robot, feels the wrath of said reporter as he foolishly ruffles her hair on the third attempt at the story, the result of which is a scream — which, coincidentally, is at the point when “violent crime” is being uttered in the news segment — and a drop of the microphone. CCTV footage later emerged showing the reporter seemingly pouncing on the nuisance.