Bug Flies Into News Reporter’s Mouth

(Warning: Strong language featured)

In the following 40-second clip, a local news reporter, whose day evidently goes from bad to worse, suffers the indignity of having a bug fly into his mouth while he is trying to report on a story in rural, small-town America, the result of which is an outburst from said reporter, as well as one of his crew, while trying to maintain a semblance of professionalism, cackling at what has just happened.

Have you ever watched a live news report in which a journalist finds himself reporting in the stickiest, most unsavoury of conditions? How does he keep his composure? is a question I have found myself asking on many occasions. Well, this is what happens when that happy-go-lucky attitude finally wears off, not least because one of nature’s winged companions has flown directly into your mouth mid-report. His wearing of a suit in the sweltering heat probably didn’t help, too.