Writers On Writing #2: Woody Allen – “My Unconscious Makes The Joke, And I’m Laughing At It Because I’m Hearing It For The First Time Myself”

In 2013, critically acclaimed screenwriter and filmmaker Woody Allen sat down with Esquire writer-at-large Cal Fussman as part of the magazine’s What I’ve Learned series, during which Fussman interviews prominent figures in various fields, such as literature, sport, music, politics, etc., so as to discuss the wisdom that such individuals have collected throughout their remarkable lives.

The following clip, which is courtesy of Blank on Blank, sees Woody Allen speak about how he loves to escape to the shower as a way to draw inspiration for his writing, which he explains as follows:

“It helps your thinking in terms of ideas. If I take my clothes off and go into the shower — not that I needed a shower; maybe I had a shower three hours ago when I woke up, but just to stand under the water in the shower — it’s the change of venue when you’ve left the real world behind, and things open up for you.”

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