Hiding In Plain Sight: The Invisible Works Of Liu Bolin

Born in Shandong, China, and having earned his Master of Fine Arts from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, Liu Bolin is a performance artist whose masterful, albeit subtle, works of invisibility — the most popular of which stem from his Hiding in the City photographic collection — have seen him receive global recognition and collaborate with such mainstream clothing designers as Valentino and Missoni.

Coming of age when China began to experience political stability and economic growth in the early 1990s, Liu Bolin derived inspiration for his exploratory inner-city pieces after an artists’ village at which he worked in Beijing was destroyed by Chinese authorities. His works became a means of silent protest against the government’s lack of protection.

Liu Bolin 2

Liu Bolin 4

Liu Bolin 1

Liu Bolin 3


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