Bill Hicks On Why He Would Rather His Children Listen To Rock And Roll (“The Devil’s Music”) Than New Kids On The Block

(Warning: Strong language; after all, it is Bill Hicks)

In the following clip, Bill Hicks, a stand-up comedian and satirist from Georgia, US, discusses what he believes to be a misguided notion: that rock ‘n’ roll is “the Devil’s music”. Chipping in with his quintessential brand of social criticism and dark comedy, Hicks elaborates: “If it’s a choice between Eternal Hell and good tunes or Eternal Heaven and New Kids On The—fucking—Block, I’m going to be surfing on the lake of fire, rocking out, high-fiving Satan every time I pass him on the fucking shore.”

Having died at the tender age of 32, Bill Hicks’ career in comedy was short-lived, but his impact upon the medium was nothing short of monumental if not controversial, unleashing material and carrying out scathing attacks upon religion, philosophy, politics, and whoever else got in his way.