People In China Claimed To Have Seen A Floating City In The Sky In 2015

In October 2015, thousands of residents in Foshan and Jiangxi, China, claimed to have observed a floating cityscape in the sky. The phenomenon, which has divided opinions throughout the world, is said, by meteorological experts, to be that of Fata Morgana, a complex form of superior mirage which distorts the object(s) on which it is based. 

Unsurprisingly, the footage has aroused the interests of a number of conspiracy theorists — those believing that the cityscape mirage in the clouds above Foshan and Jiangxi is, in fact, part of NASA’s “Project Blue Beam”, a conspiracy theory which surmises that NASA — by means of a technologically simulated “Second Coming” with the Antichrist at its helm — is attempting to initiate a new world order.