Groucho And Chico Marx At Their Formidable Best In Horse Feathers (1932): The Password Scene

In the following clip, taken from the 1932 Marx Brothers film Horse Feathers, whose plot revolves around a competitive game of American football between fictional colleges Huxley and Darwin, both Groucho and Chico Marx embark upon their usual brand of pun-related buffoonery — that of hyperbole, childish jokes, and utter tomfoolery — in the name of comedy. The scene in question features the two brothers overcomplicating what should be a simple scenario: Groucho is attempting to gain entry to a speakeasy but doesn’t have the password. Chico is on the door and in charge of taking passwords.

At the height of their success, the Marx Brothers — Groucho, Chico, Harpo, Zeppo, and Gummo (who retired from acting after being drafted into the US Army during World War I) — were amongst the biggest names in showbusiness (vaudeville, theatre, motion pictures).