(For Those Looking To Write Transgressive Fiction), Fight Club’s Chuck Palahniuk Explains His Writing Method With A Disturbing Story

(Warning: Strong/graphic content)

As part of the Q&A Podcast Fight Club 15th Anniversary Special, in which host Jeff Goldsmith sat down with novelist Chuck Palahniuk (Choke, Survivor) and screenwriter Jim Uhls (Jumper) to talk about the 1999 film, Palahniuk was asked, among other things, about his writing method, including his inspirations, habits, etc. In response, he proceeded to explain that his ideas stem from a kind of everyday field study (presumably of human (mis)behaviour and the morally detached or corrupt).

Elaborating on what he meant, Palahniuk continued to describe a few unsettling stories he had heard over the years, the likes of which we are so used to reading in his own body of work. One such story tells of an unforgettable, depraved hazing ritual at an academy of veterinary science.