May 1966, Manchester, UK: Bob Dylan, Amidst His Transition From Acoustic To Electric, Hears A Shout Of “Judas” From The Audience; Dylan Reacts In The Best Possible Way

(Warning: Strong language)

It was during the Bob Dylan World Tour 1966 that Bob Dylan, backed by The Band, came under scrutiny and began to anger a plethora of devoted fans — those who had regarded him as a leading figure in the American folk-music revival — by transitioning from his folk roots to a heavier, more pronounced sound, that of drums, bass guitar, keyboard and, ‘worst of all’, electric guitar.

When the tour hit the Manchester Free Trade Hall (Manchester, UK) on May 17, 1966, Dylan gave his devotees a welcomed first-half set of acoustic hits; however, when he emerged in the second half and proceeded to rip into a louder and more emphatic set of electric-guitar-laden music, a number of his folk collective were not receptive, to say the least.

It was right before “Like A Rolling Stone” that one fan would give Dylan a piece of his mind. “Judas!” came billowing from an audience member. It was at that moment that he, in a cool and collected manner, responded: “I don’t believe you — you’re a liar.” He then turned to his band members: “Play it fucking loud!”