This Week’s Andrew Neil Delivers An Unshackled, Impassioned Monologue Following The London Attack On 22 March 2017

Following the terrorist attack on London on 22 March 2017, in which five people (including the terrorist) died, This Week‘s Andrew Neil took to the air to deliver a defiant, searing monologue aimed at the “jumped-up jihadis” attempting to terrorise Britain and break the will of the people. 

He begins the programme by introducing and hailing fallen hero PC Keith Palmer, who was mercilessly stabbed to death while preventing the terrorist from entering the Houses of Parliament, and then proceeds to cathartically dispense with his personal views on the matter: “Do you have any idea who you’re dealing with? This is the country that stood up alone to the might of the Luftwaffe — the air force of the greatest evil mankind has ever known.”