For The (Understandably) Confused, Comedians Foil Arms & Hog Attempt To Explain The Difference Between Great Britain And The UK, And Brexit


In the following 2-minute clip, Foil Arms & Hog (i.e. Sean Finegan, Conor McKenna and Sean Flanagan, respectively), an Irish sketch-comedy troupe, explain (or at least attempt to explain) the difference between Great Britain and the UK, as well as Brexit, a task which is seemingly more difficult than it appears, not least because the majority of British people probably don’t know the difference themselves.

Founded in 2008 whilst studying at University College Dublin, the comedy trio, who perform on radio, the stage, television and online, and whose work ethic is relentless, write, produce and edit a new comedy sketch every week for their YouTube and Facebook pages, amassing millions of hits along the way and garnering quite the following.