The Groundbreaking Carving Works Of Vhils


Vhils, whose real name is Alexandre Forte, is a Portuguese artist who has been interfacing with the urban landscape since his formative years as an unrelenting graffiti artist in the early 2000s. His carving technique, which has formed the basis of his labour of love entitled Scratching the Surface, comprises the etching of evocative, poignant works into otherwise disused or discarded buildings, exposing what lies beneath the “superficiality of things, restoring meaning and beauty to the discarded dimensions buried beneath”.

He has been honing his concept of the aesthetics of urban vandalism in a number of disciplines, such as stencil drawings, wall carvings, 3D modelling, and pyrotechnic explosions, and his approach to street art has been considered one of the most compelling and most captivating in recent years, garnering Vhils critical acclaim and recognition throughout the world.