3D Street Artists Whose Work Is Sure To Amaze (Or Induce Acrophobia)


Born and raised in Germany, Edgar Mueller is considered one of the world’s most recognised and acclaimed street artists. Since 1998, he has held the title of Maestro Madonnaro, which means “master street painter”. It is a title borne by only a handful of artists worldwide, and is awarded at the prestigious Grazie Festival, the world’s largest street painting festival. For years, Mueller has travelled the world and mesmerised city dwellers and passers-by with his brand of illusionary, transitory art, challenging perceptions and canvassing large areas of urban space.



Julian Beever is an English artist who began his pavement art while moonlighting as a busker, creating works in such countries as the US and Australia to fund his travelling. It was in the early 1990s that Beever began to focus on anamorphic, illusionary pavement drawings, due to a love of the discipline and sheer curiosity, and in the mid-2000s his repertoire began to include commercial commissions. He has since gone on to work in over 25 countries worldwide, and is in great demand in the corporate world.



Born and raised in the US, Kurt Wenner is internationally renowned as the inventor of 3D pavement art. Inspired by anamorphic perspective, and having to create a completely new geometry in order to realise his vision of 3D street art, he set about originating an artistic discipline and founded the first street painting festival in Santa Barbara, California, where he was raised. For his continued dedication to teaching, Wenner was awarded the Kennedy Center Medallion for his outstanding contribution to arts education. To this day, he is considered a pioneer in the art world, and has influenced 3D street artists globally.



Born in Utrecht, the Netherlands, Leon Keer is a surrealist artist whose three-dimensional pop-culture works have graced streets all over the world. Learning to paint by producing sizeable promotional murals for internationally recognised companies such as Coca-Cola, Keer continues to play with contemporary themes and touch upon environmental issues engulfing society. Experimenting with a variety of techniques and materials and maintaining a notable presence in the anamorphic art scene through live-action street demonstrations, he has established himself as a mainstay in the 3D street art discipline.