French Visionary Michel Gondry’s Music Video For The Chemical Brothers’ “Let Forever Be”

In 1999, Michel Gondry, the highly acclaimed French director behind such films as Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind and The Science Of Sleep as well as music videos for the likes of The White Stripes and Björk, was commissioned to direct the video for The Chemical Brothers’ latest single, “Let Forever Be”. At the time, Gondry, renowned for his vivid imagination, inventive visuals, and characteristic manipulation of formats and mise-en-scène, was off the back of Daft Punk’s hugely popular “Around The World” video and, therefore, was under pressure to reproduce some of the same magic.

The result was another truly original, vibrant work from Gondry. Inspired by the incoherent use of video and film in The Benny Hill Show and interested in “cheesy 80s video effects”, he set about creating a disconnect between a sales clerk’s reality and nightmare in the form of splicing video and film together for transitions, and utilised invisible editing, seemingly kaleidoscopic and mirrored effects, and multiple dancers and mise-en-scène to perpetuate the woman’s nightmare.