How Two Drunken Northern Irishmen Attempt To Move A Couch

(Warning: Strong language)

The following footage, which was captured in February 2016 in Drumquin, Northern Ireland, shows two locals — both male, argumentative, foul-mouthed, and seemingly inebriated — struggling to wheel a large, orange couch along the street using only a narrow dolly, their resourcefulness, and a keen sense of determination, the result of which is a comical, ChuckleVision-esque display of buffoonery and the mishandling and dropping of cushions on a wet surface.

Having decided against the customary practices of furniture removal, i.e. not choosing a rainy day on which to shift a couch which is clearly larger than its designated wheeling apparatus, the two men opt for an uncensored parody, one which descends into gobbledygook and a push-and-pull routine of verbal abuse and slapstick comedy.