High School Football Player Apollos Hester Delivers A Post-Match Inspirational Speech, Grabbing The Attention Of Millions

In September 2014, TWC News Austin’s Lauren Mickler, as part of the channel’s Sports Night High School Blitz segment, interviewed an East View High School football player by the name of Apollos Hester, a running back for the East View Patriots, following his side’s one-point victory over Vandegrift. What Mickler didn’t realise at the time was that Hester would deliver a powerful, awe-inspiring speech which would see his name come to be recognised by millions of people worldwide, not least for the infectious enthusiasm and “never say never” attitude inculcated throughout the interview.

Hester has since gone on to join ESPN Inc.’s Recruiting Nation as part of ESPNU, the sister sports channel tackling university and college sports across the United States.