Australian News Anchor Karl Stefanovic Is Rendered Speechless By Footage Of A Huge Shark While Live On Air

In August 2015, while filming a news segment for 9News’ Today, the contents of which were centred upon the latest underwater technology — a mobile cage entitled W.A.S.P. (Water Armour Shark Protection) — which allows capturing footage of dangerous sea creatures, Australian anchor Karl Stefanovic was left speechless by a Discovery Channel clip showing what can only be described as a gigantic great white shark leaping from the water.

Instead of remaining somewhat professional and composed after having witnessed the creature, Stefanovic, joined by his co-anchor Lisa Wilkinson, is stunned into silence, aghast while staring at the camera. Moments after the footage has aired and both anchors have acknowledged the sheer scale of the shark, Stefanovic vows: “I am never going back into the water.” Wilkinson agrees: “Me either, no way.”