Animal Collective: Reminding The World That Music Isn’t All About The X Factor And The Voice

Formed in Baltimore, Maryland in 2003, Animal Collective is an experimental electro-pop band, whose members include Panda Bear (Noah Lennox), Avey Tare (David Portner), Geologist (Brian Weitz), and Deakin (Josh Dibb). A band whose music is characterised by a wall of vocal harmonies, studio experimentation, and sampling, as well as exploring and touching upon such genres as psychedelia and drone, they have, as of 2016, released 10 studio albums and seven EPs.

Besides the Animal Collective moniker, the individual members, except for Geologist, are prolific recording artists in their own right, with Panda Bear having released five solo albums, Avey Tare one, and Deakin his first in 2016, not to mention Panda Bear collaborating with Daft Punk on 2009’s Random Access Memories, the #1 album which saw Daft Punk garner four Grammy Awards and critical acclaim across the board.