How To Get Out Of A Parking Fine… With Joe Lycett

In August 2015, while sitting in Dictionary Corner during an episode of 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown, British comedian Joe Lycett recounted the quick-witted way in which he avoided a parking fine, a fine which was brandished by the local council after Lycett’s car was found parked in a taxi rank. The council’s proof of said offence: a photograph of his car with the words “taxi rank” scrawled across the window.

In a style typical of the Birmingham-born comedian, whose past exploits have seen him engage in humourous letter writing with Network Rail and Birmingham City Council, Lycett details, with the help of screenshots, the chucklesome exchange of emails sent between himself and “Colin”, the hapless individual from Freedom of Information tasked with dealing with Lycett’s enquiry, to establish upon whom the burden of proof falls.