Little Baby’s Ice Cream – “This Is A Special Time”: The World’s Creepiest Advert?

In August 2012, to coincide with the grand opening of its World Headquarters shop, Philadelphia-based ice cream manufacturer Little Baby’s Ice Cream unveiled an advert entitled “This Is A Special Time”, a work produced by Doug Garth Williams and featuring an androgynous model scooping ice cream out of its skull and subsequently eating it with a spoon. Unsurprisingly, the truly bizarre, unsettling creation took the Internet by storm, amassing tens of millions of hits on YouTube alone, not least for its disturbing imagery and chilling voiceover.

Like something out of a David Lynch film, the advert saw the company receive a considerable amount of hate mail. Pete Angevine, a co-founder of the company, stated: “For an hour, or maybe a year, we were probably the most hated ice cream in the world.” I think it’s fair to say that Little Baby’s Ice Cream accomplished its mission.