Neil Harbisson: The World’s First Cyborg Artist

The following 5-minute video, courtesy of Samsung’s The Connected Series, explores the everyday life of Neil Harbisson, a British-born, Catalan-raised artist who was born with achromatopsia, a rare condition which renders approximately one in 33,000 people completely colour-blind. Like something out of science fiction, Harbisson — renowned as being the world’s first cyborg artist — has an antenna implanted into his skull which provides him with the ability to hear colours.

The device, which he refers to as an “eyeborg” and which has a chip that translates colour into sound, is Bluetooth-enabled and allows Harbisson to connect to the Internet. Describing his device, he states: “It detects the light’s hue and converts it into a frequency I can hear as a note.” Harbisson still sees things in greyscale, but hears them in vivid colour.