Se7en: John Doe Justifies His Murders

The following clip — taken from David Fincher’s 1995 psychological thriller Se7en, about two detectives trying to solve a string of elaborate, grisly murders linked to the seven deadly sins — shows the film’s main antagonist, a serial killer by the name of John Doe (Kevin Spacey), attempting to explain to the two detectives (Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman) who have been working tirelessly to catch him his justification for the murders of five innocent civilians: an obese man, a lawyer, a narcissistic woman, a drug dealer, and a prostitute.

Despite being nominated for only one Academy Award, Fincher’s breakthrough hit — having failed miserably with Alien 3, a film which nearly ruined his burgeoning career as a music video/commercial director — catapulted him into cinematic stardom, not least because of Andrew Kevin Walker’s unrelenting neo-noir script and Spacey’s portrayal of the malevolent, diabolical John Doe, a role which was kept largely under wraps until the film’s theatrical release.